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Oil & Gas

As global demand for oil and gas products increased gradually and almost depleted oil and gas resources,the collection,transportation,processing technology and product requirements of oil and gas become increasingly complex, high cost and facing more and more personalized technical requirements.

Nowadays, due to the restriction of environmental protection, long distance shipments, and harsh geographical environment,also the forbidden of government policy and attention,which makes the operation of oil and gas industry increasingly complex than before.

Valve as the controlling device is the essential part in oil and gas production equipment.  with the continuous improvement of all kinds of suited devices in different flow process,the valve type will increase.

AUQI products are widely used in the following area:
Land oil and gas fields
marine drilling platform
Floating production ship(FPSO)
coastline and offshore oil and gas
Under  sea and deep sea oil and gas
Oil and gas pipeline
Oil depot
Storage tank
Liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) facilities
Refining factory
gas processing plant
Catalytic cracking factory , hydrogen treatment factory, pressurization,
alkalizes chemical plant