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About us


Through long years hard working and dedication in valve and pipe fittings,AUQI have become one of the famous manufacturer in valve and pipe fittings industry.The spirit of innovation have become the concentrated reflection of AUQI’S company culture.


Staff value

Through creating a friendly working atmosphere,setting up a perfect training system for employees,creating favorable conditions,

motivate employees constantly improve themselves,and make them more challenging and responsibility,to realize their value in their working and promoting  AUQI  products in various areas.


Enterprise value

Through continuous innovation on products and managements, constantly improving the quality of product and service, customer satisfied as company goal, which makes AUQI brand outstanding in the industry.

AUQI produces a series of environment friendly valve ,which have been made big contribution in global energy saving.

As one of the manufacturer of valve,AUQI have been fulfilled its brand value in the industry.

AUQI put the value of enterprise, staff and social responsibility together, make the unique company culture,which have gained the recognization by all staff.which have become  the motivation of company developing.